QViT - A First Prototype

5 years ago · September 5, 2017 · 8:59 pm

This blog did not receive any updates for quite a long time .. again! This is mainly due to the work on my master thesis, which is about the model transformation language "Query/View/Transformtation Relations", or QVT-R for short. With this language it is possible to model relations from a source model to a target model by the means of a so called transformation. So far, state-of-the-art tools only support the textual modeling with this language. Hence the essence of my thesis is to develop a concept for an editor that allows for the graphical editing.

The following video shows how I use the first prototype of my editor to graphically and interactively model one example transformation of the official specification document [1].

For a first prototype, the editor is already quite capable and additional features and improvements are yet to come. So far so good .. now back to work.

By the way, the 'i' in QViT stands for 'interactive'. ;-)