The Refactory dares the 1st time!

6 years ago · December 3, 2016 · 11:36 pm

It has been quite some time already since the last heartbeat on this blog which is mainly due to the work on my master thesis. But today I am super excited to announce that The Refactory will be participating in Ludum Dare for the very first time! For those who do not know already, Ludum Dare is an international 48 hour game development competition in which you basically create a game from scratch in only 2 days time based on a given theme. Right. 2 days. The ultimate competition to test your game development skills!

So you might be asking 'Awesome! What's in store for the winner'? Well, the game you create of course. That's probably the best prize you can get anyways. Ludum Dare should be about learning new things, crafting something on your very own and to have lots and lots of fun! Game development is fun and thousands of people celebrating this with Ludum Dare is just awesome!

So what's the plan? The Refactory's goals for LD37 are

  • to end up with a playable game,
  • that runs in the web browser and on Android,
  • uses beautiful pixel art
  • and touches the user's heart and soul.

For the programming language I will stick to Java using the libGDX framework since, after crafting Jewel Thief and Voracious Viper, I feel comfortable with it. Another reason is that I really want to be able to focus on developing the gameplay and assets instead of the "packaging around". Therefore I will also start from some codebase that already has some basic title, menu and about screens and a class with common utility methods included.

By the way, this LD is also the perfect opportunity for a first long-term test of my Screen Recorder tool since I am planing to record a time-lapse video of me crafting the game. Also, I just noticed that there is currently no way to pause and resume the screen recording. This functionality will be added asap in the upcoming version.

Regarding my other projects I got quite some feedback for Voracious Viper complaining that the touch area controls and some dialog messages are very confusing and that level 9 has an unfair design. In I to fixing these problems I will also add a "practice mode" that allows the user to directly jump to a pecific level that has already been reached in the normal mode. Highscores will of course be disabled in "practice mode". All that fixes and additions will be shortly introduced in the upcoming version 1.0.2 of the game.

That's all for now. The Refactory whises luck to all the creative and ambitious people out there participating in LD37 and as always: Happy Refactoring!